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Gold Cherry Blossom Amphora Pendant

Model #: CR-PGCB
  • Avaliable in 2 sizes
  • Hadcrafted in USA
  • Luster Glass made with real silver
  • No two are the same
  • Made in the Art Nouveau style
  • Made in a technique invented by Tiffany & Co
Starting At: $495
Prices Vary Based on Options Selected
Product Description
This elegant Gold Cherry Blossom Amphora pendant light is the perfect accent for any space. This pendant is handcrafted from Silver Luster Art Glass in a technique introduced by Tiffany & Co in the late 1880s. To create each fixture, the artist uses white glass and achieves an opalescent luster on the surface with a special chemical reaction during blowing. It takes a lot of skill to achieve consistent results in this difficult traditional glassblowing technique, and our artisan is among the few masters in the US who is capable to do this today.

Avalible in two (2) sizes

Accented by subtle gold hues, this pendant features a lovely Cherry Blossom design. Accessories include a six foot black cord (additional cord length is available for $1.00 per foot) and antique brown patina brass hardware. The ceiling canopy is 5”  or  4.25" and is supplied with all necessary hardware (see additional photo #3).

The pendant is pictured with a 25 watt incandescent bulb, however up to a 60 watt bulb can be used as well as CFC bulbs. LED bulbs are also available, for an additional $30. The LED are equivalent to a 40 watt incandescent bulb but use one tenth the energy, run cooler, and last much longer.

Please call us to discuss your custom combination of lighting style and design.

** Please note that the price listed pertains to a fixture that will appear very similar to the light shown in the featured photograph and as outlined in the accompanying description. Virtually all of our artisan crafted fixtures can be customized regarding size, shape, and / or color(s). Please call for details.

Product Specifications
4.25” dia x 8” H $495
5" dia x 10" H $595

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