Wall Art

Sculptural Glass Wall Art literally brings a brilliant new dimension to your room. Create a dramatic focal point in your interior with one of the beautiful sculptures shown in our gallery, or allow one of our talented artisans to create a piece in a size and color palette specifically designed for your space.
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Terpsichore II Glasscape Lighting Sculpture

Terpsichore Glasscape II

Two Faced Glasscape Lighting Sculpture

Two Faced Glasscape

Underworld Glasscape Lighting Sculpture

Underworld Glasscape

Water of Life Mosaic Panel

Call for Pricing

Winter Apples Glasscape Lighting Sculpture

Winter Apples Glasscape

Yosemite Valley Glasscape Lighting Sculpture

Yosemite Valley Glasscape
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The mysterious transformation of raw materials into glass takes place around 2400°F, glass-blowing, which it’s origins date back to 50 BC, is a glass-forming technique that involves inflating the molten glass into a bubble, or parison, with the aid of the blowpipe, or blow tube. A process known since the Egyptian period of history, Glass casting is the process in which "cast glass" objects, are produced by allowing molten glass to solidify in a mold.