Designed to be suspended from the ceiling, chandeliers provide a stunning focal point in your space. Styles range from traditional and elegant to contemporary and fun.
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Scrap Glass Pendant

Scrap Glass Pendant Chandelier
Starting At: $845

Scrap Glass Pendant II

Scrap Glass Pendant II by Shel Neymark
Starting At: $845

Spiral Pendant with Circles

Spiral Pendant with Circles by Shel Neymark

Starburst Chandelier | Blossom II

Blossom Starburst Chandelier 35"

Starburst Chandelier | Blossom III

Blossom Starburst Chandelier 47"

Tempest Round Waterfall Chandelier

Tempest Round Waterfall Chandelier with layered steel-banded pendants

Textured Glass Round Multi-Port Pendant Chandelier 5 pc

Textured Glass Round Multi-Port Chandelier with 5 glass pendants

Textured Glass Square Multi-Port Pendant Chandelier 12 pc

Textured Granite Glass Square Waterfall Pendant Chandelier 12 pc

Yellow to Red Spiky Pendant Light

Yellow to Red Spiky Glass Chandelier
Starting At: $845

Telluride Glass and Metal Chandelier

Telluride Chandelier
Call for Pricing
Starting At: Call for Pricing
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