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What’s New in the World Of Glass

Glass Sinks

Functional, versatile and beautiful, artisan glass sinks continue to be a popular design choice for many homeowners. They are a major focal point of the luxury bath, and are an important element in the overall concept of the luxury bath as an individualized personal retreat.

We see an emphasis on inviting colors and design that speak of calm, healing, relaxation, and escape. Turquoise, just recently named the color of the year by the world-renowned authority on color, Pantone, evokes thoughts of water and sky and suggests escape to a tropical paradise. We offer several stunning sinks that include the use of turquoise including our “Ocean” Blown Glass Vessel Sink or our “Aqua Iris” Blown Glass Vessel Sink by artist Suzanne Guttman. Other inspiring trends this year include the eclectic pairing of a modern glass vessel sink with an antique or traditional base, or the simple elegance of pairing a modern glass vessel sink with a sleek glass counter top.

Art Glass Lighting

Versatility is an important element of art glass lighting. While some homes and interior spaces are increasing in size and height, there are also many homeowners who are choosing to downsize to a smaller living space.

Lighting design has responded accordingly, with many excellent choices like the “mini” pendant. The mini pendant is one of the hottest trends in glass chandelier lighting because it can be used as a small individual fixture or they can be grouped together to create a larger, visually stunning piece. Versatile and fun, they bring a delightful ambience to all styles of home décor.

We are also seeing a return of table lamps with an oversized glass bottle shaped base paired with a simple contemporary shade. Striking in any décor, these lamps also address balance and scale in a space with large furnishings.

Glass Wall Art

Emerging techniques are bringing new ideas to the concept of glass panels and glass tiles as wall art. In the area of panels, current trends are featuring the use of strikingly colorful back painted panels as a way to bring broad areas of color into a room. Bold and fun, or calm and tranquil, these panels update a space with a fresh look and transform a room into a place that stimulates the senses and provokes imagination. Versatile enough to be used on any scale, glass panels can be used to create a unique back splash in your kitchen or bath, or can be used to cover an entire wall.

Glass tiles are also all the rage as wall art in the home. This season we see a tale of extremes with tiles that are either very large or very small. Glass Mosaic tiles are used to create bold dynamic wall art designs such as a patterned featured wall. Hailed as the new wallpaper, there are many chic new styles available including unique metallic and shimmering pearlescent finishes.

Glass Counter Tops

One of the biggest trends occurring in home design is the use of glass countertops. A wonderful choice for either your kitchen or bath, glass countertops are durable, hygienic and very easy to clean. Luxurious and spacious in appearance, they can also be customized with your choice of color, texture and finish to provide unique characteristics in each design. This is a “must have” choice for today’s contemporary homes!

Architectural Glass

Everyone agrees that when it comes to architectural elements in the home, glass is in! Concepts emerging in homes this year are glass floors, glass stairs, and frameless glass shower enclosures. Anti skid, impact resistant and totally safe, glass stairs and flooring bring light to a structural element in a way never thought possible in the past. Frameless shower enclosures are gorgeous, and make a space look cleaner and larger. Our remarkable artisans and designers are available to work with you on the custom design of these and many other innovative glass architectural elements.