When floor space is scarce, a wall mounted sconce may be the perfect solution. A sconce can be designed to direct light upward, downward, or in both directions. Some sconce fixtures have a more dramatic design and use the shape of the fixture to play with light patterns on the wall.
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Textured Glass Vanity Sconce 13"

Strata Textured Glass Vanity Wall Sconce 13"

Trees Fused Glass Wall Sconces

Trees Wall Sconce

V-II Rectangular Vertical or Horizontal Wall Sconce

V-II Rectangular Fluorescent Wall Sconce
Starting At: $536

V-II Square Fluorescent Wall Sconce

VII Square Sconce
Starting At: $536

Wall Sconce | Carlyle Quattro

Quattro Cover Sconce with glass or linen shade

Wall Sconce | Coppa

Coppa Indoor Blown Glass Wall Sconce

Wall Sconce | Cyclone I

Cyclone I

Wall Sconce | Ellisse

Ellisse Blown Glass Wall Sconce for indoor use

Windows White on Sorghum Glass Wall Sconce

Windows Glass Wall Sconce with White and Sorghum Glass Panels

Yellow Amber Dot Lighting Fixture

made by Kathleen Ash for Studio K Glass.

Yellow Fish 3-Dimensional Fused Glass Sconce

Yellow Fish 3-Dimensional Wall Sconce
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